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Villa la Quiete di Mezzana di Pontecchio Marconi Bologna is a 18th century villa of great charm, immersed in a secular park, which is accessed through a monumental chestnut tree.
In the 20 years of activity we have hosted about 500 events and in particular wedding parties. With our experience we will be happy to arrange any event you want with the professionalism and accuracy of the details. The Villa is open all year round and can accommodate, including the outdoors, up to 220 people. For the summer season, the secular park surrounding the Villa is ideal for hosting your guests with nature. For the beauty and ambiance of its interior, the Villa is the ideal location for weddings, parties, exhibitions, fashion shows, showrooms, shows and presentations. Villa La Quiete is the cultural heritage of the town of Sasso Marconi. It develops on two floors with a specular layout. Both on the ground floor and on the first floor, connected by a staircase with a particular architectural value, there are two large salons combined with two rooms and one loggia​. The spaces are connected to each other, in particular the salons and the loggia​ are a place that can be said to be “unique”. In the villa there are other elegant and picturesque spaces that can be used for weddings, cake cutting, candy dispensing and to allow guests to move in scenic locations.
The large garden can be used, in the summer season, to offer an aperitif and/or dinner. There are also spaces that can be set up with outdoor seating. Before arriving to the Villa you will cross a 5-hectare secular-monumental chestnut tree, which has the peculiarity of being the only one in Emilia-Romagna, only 180 meters over the sea level, in plain, and just 20 minutes from Bologna.




Abbot Belloni, who belonged to a noble Bolognese family, built the Villa in the sixteenthcentury. Immersed in the peace of the hills, with a panorama that reaches the end of San Luca, the Abbot paved two adjacent holes and placed the building on this plateau. The villa, externally very simple, decorated with elegant balconies in iron and characterized by a central tower, was a place of rest and meditation for patrons and artists. Inside, there are rooms with refined wall paintings, featuring several Bolognese artists. In particular you can admire tempers representing landscapes and scenes of agresti life of Bolognese artistsVincenzo Martinelli and Pietro Fancelli. At the beginning of the twentieth century, he was acquired by a well known and eccentric soprano of Hungarian origin – Etelka Gerster – who had married his impresario, doctor and journalist of Bolognese origin, Carlo Gardini. Etelka founded a well-known singing school in the Villa for girls who aspired to lyrical career. It is said that the young students were subjected to hardships of great difficulty in measuring the power of their voice: while Gerster remained in the main building, the students were sent to sing several hundred meters away in a small building called ” coffee house “. Subsequently the Villa was purchased by the famous neurologist Vincenzo Neri and still belongs to the descendants. Villa La Quiete has been set in important films such as “The Wife’s Wife’s Witness” by Pupi Avati and famous television screenwriters such as “Enzo Ferrari”. In 2016 was also shot the latest Genome Films film “Nobili Bugie”.